48 Hours in Singapore


For a country half the size of Los Angeles, Singapore really packs a punch. If you are looking to plan your next stop over or short weekend away then we’ve got you covered for an amazing 48 hours in Singapore. Singapore is very easy to navigate and with everything within close proximity of each other, there’s a lot that you can do in as little as 48 hours.

The tropical climate of Singapore means that it’s warm all year round, however spending long periods of time outside can become unbearable. For this reason, our guide will provide a few air-conditioned pit stops to help you refresh, cool down and take a break before heading on to your next location.


8am- Start your day with a traditional Singaporean breakfast such as Porridge or Congee. There are a number of local influences in Singaporean food including Malaysian, Indonesia, Indian and of course Chinese. For this reason, you can expect to see many takes on porridge. For a great list of centres check nearby to your hotel check out this great list of stores: Hungry Go Everywhere Singapore.

9am- Make your way to Little India, one of Singapore’s most vibrant and colourful districts. Little India has a mix of churches, Chinese and Hindu temples, restaurants and shops. Be sure to make your way to Sri Veeramakaliamman. This is one of the most colourful and visually appealing temples in the district and a must see while in Little India.

Little India Singapore

Next wander down to Mustafa centre– a large department store open 24 hours a day. The huge store is full of everything from clothing, electronics, perfume, jewellery, nick knacks and more. After exploring the store I purchased the most divine hand sewn saree which I later wore to a wedding.

11am- Either take a quick 15 minute cab or a 30 minute train ride from little India across to Orchard Road. Known for its endless retail malls and shops Orchard Road is like Disneyland to a shopaholic like me or for Singaporean’s a national pastime! Orchard road caters for all budgets including those looking for luxury goods like Chanel, Gucci or Prada as well as more affordable brands such as H&M and Zara.

Orchard Road Singapore

1pm- By now you should be in need of a break. Make your way over to the iconic Marina Bay Sands. Marina Bay Sands is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Singapore. It’s not only a hotel, but it also contains Singapore’s largest shopping mall with a number of retail stores and restaurants.
Start your discovery by eating at one of the restaurants located on the premises. On weekends I would highly recommend Osteria Mozza a high-end Italian restaurant by Iron Chef Mario Batali. Another option is Ding Tai Fung- a famous dumpling restaurant.
After any meal, I like a bit of time to relax and just a floor above the restaurants is Kenko’s massage and fish spa. Have the dead skin on your feet eaten away by hundreds of tiny fish or enjoy a relaxing massage. At first the fish nipping away at your feet is a little weird and ticklish, but you eventually you get used to it. Alternatively, if you are up for some more retail therapy then you can walk the floors of the mall.

5pm- Once you are done at the mall side of the Marina, it’s time to head to the rooftop. The rooftop has a magnificent view of the Singapore skyline as well as the beautiful infinity pool. While the infinity pool can only be accessed by hotel guests it still provides the perfect outlook for drinks at the bar next door called Ce La Vi. Ce La Vi in my opinion is the best spot in all of Singapore to watch the sun go down. Beware that drinks at the bar are fairly expensive and you can pay up to $25 SGD but the view is worth the price. If you are interested in the view but not necessarily the drinks (especially for those with children), then one level down is the viewing deck. The Skypark Observation Deck is one level below the bar and adult ticket prices are $22 SGD.

9pm- Grab a bite to eat at the local food markets La Passat. You can find a number of local cuisines on offer at many of the indoor and outdoor stalls including a variety of Asian and India cuisine. My recommendation (weather permitting) is to sit outside in front of “Best Satay number 8”. Fanning away at their little flames, the gentleman cook up some of the best satay you will ever taste. In addition to the satay I highly recommend a local delicacy of sambal covered stingray, baby gaylan (local greens) and a local Singaporean beer such as Tiger or Changi to wash it all down.

48 Hours in Singapore

48 Hours in Singapore

It’s now time to unwind and relax! Day one of your 48 hours in Singapore done, still one more day to go!


8am- On the agenda today is a trip to Sentosa, a popular island resort. To give you enough time to explore the island I recommend an early start and a simple breakfast.  Start the day by be enjoying one of the very simple Singaporean breakfasts- teh (tea) and grilled toast. While it may seem very basic there are a number of fancy toast stores such as Toast Box that add a little extra to an ordinary slice of toast. Some typical items include the traditional teh sweet tea, thick Kaya toast filled with coconut jam or more traditional Asian items such as Laksa.

9am- Make your way to Sentosa. There is a cable car into Sentosa in which you can get a beautiful aerial view of the surrounding area. Check out the Sentosa website for details on how to get there. Sentosa has enough attractions to keep you occupied the entire day including the Adventure Cove Waterpark, Dolphin Island, Animal and Bird displays, beaches and much more.

For those looking to get into more of the party vibe then Sentosa also has a very cool beach called Siloso. Packed with young party goers, cocktails and lively music I found this the perfect spot to enjoy the sunshine and vibes.

Sentosa Singapore

Sentosa Singapore

9pm- After heading back to your hotel for a quick break and an outfit change it’s time to spend your last night out in Singapore. Another dish Singapore is famous for is the Chilli crab, although there are many variations including my personal favourite the black pepper crab. I find the outlook of Boat Quay waterfront appealing for both the view and selection of crab restaurants. It’s also within walking distance to some cool bars and clubs should you wish to explore the town further after dinner. Hint: If you intend to eat crab then wear black or a bib. It’s the tastiest thing you will eat but it’s a little messy.

11pm- It’s your last night in Singapore so it’s time to enjoy. There are a number of amazing Singapore bars located all over Singapore including some minutes away from Boat Quay. For a full list check out our best bars in Singapore guide.

It’s time to say goodbye, your 48 hours in Singapore is done, for now…

Hope you enjoyed our 48 HOURS IN SINGAPORE guide.


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