Why we love Bali


Bali has become a very popular holiday destination in Asia because of its friendly, open and welcoming vibe. There are so many other reasons to visit Bali including its affordability, its luxury accommodation and the culture. There are so many reasons to visit Bali, but here are 5 reasons why we love Bali!

  1. In Bali you can live like a King or Queen and literally pay peanuts. That doesn’t mean because you are paying a low price that you can’t expect to find good quality accommodation, attractions or food in fact it’s quite the opposite. Many locals as well as foreigners have set up beautiful high quality places for tourists to enjoy.
  2. I was blown away by the quality and taste of food that I had in most Bali restaurants. In fact I found that some of the restaurants were some of the best I had tasted in Asia. There are so many good restaurants that you can try all across Bali but here are some of our favourites- Barbacoa, Ku De Ta, Sardine and Sarong. I was so impressed by these restaurants that I visited them on more than one occasion. Be sure to try the green curry at Sarong and the pulled pork tacos at Barbacoa.
  3. Relax and unwind at one of Balis spas and treatment centres. Bali is well known for its spas and treatment centres and there are so many to choose from. Spa services include massages, foot reflexology, facials and hair treatments. The great thing is that they are so affordable you can probably treat yourself to one a day J.
  4. Experience the beauty of one of the most famous attractions of Bali- the Abud district. Just like you see in many of the travel brochures and postcards the Abud district contains luscious rice paddies, rainforests, temples and landscapes which is a must see if you are heading to Bali.
  5. The final reason that we absolutely love Bali is that it caters to all kinds of travellers. If you are a couple or a family then there is a range of things to suite you. As a couple I found that enjoying some of the beach water sports was fun thing to do by day. By night there was an endless amount of hip and happening bars and restaurants to try. One of our favourite bars was Potato Head which also happened to be a perfect vantage point for sunset. Another sunset location on the beach is La Plancha. There at La Plancha you can enjoy a drink or two and sit in a colourful beanbag on the beach and watch the sky light up a beautiful shade of red and gold. Bali also caters to those travelling as a family and there are so many activities that you can see and do. Check out our post on Family Friendly Activities and Tours in Bali.

Of course these are not the only reasons why we love Bali, there is so much more including temples, waterparks, beaches, bars, animal parks and museums.

If you are interested in exploring Bali then check out Tours from Bali. They provide tours all around Bali and the surrounding islands as well as a range of things to do.

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Hope you agree with the reasons why we love Bali!

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