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Barangaroo has quickly become my new favourite place to visit for a weekend long lunch. With many new restaurants opening what seems like monthly, the southern precinct of Barangaroo is full of restaurant options.


Barangaroo office and residential towers


One of the things that I really love about the area is the range of cuisines that you can find. Unlike other areas in the city you won’t find a line-up of the same old restaurant side by side. Instead you’ll find a great mix including Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, seafood, Modern Australia, Italian and Turkish cuisines.

After slowly making my way through most of the restaurants at Barangaroo, I’ve found myself back at Anason. Anason was one of the first restaurants to open back in February 2016 and is perfectly situated in the centre of the restaurant area.

Anasons menu is inspired from the street food of Istanbul and showcases a number of hot and cold mezes.

On the entrée menu are items such as dips and traditional Turkish pita and sesame rings. I licked the bowl clean of the Beetroot, carob & chilli dip but the pumpkin hummus and white roe tarama were equally as good.

Anason salad


One of the restaurant specialities is the charred octopus which has a perfect smoky flavour. The barramundi was also a standout for me with the perfect amount of crispness to the outer flesh of the fish.

Anason Barramundi

Anason Barramundi


Because the food was filling but yet light I was able to fit in dessert (as if I wouldn’t hav
e made room anyway 😉 – so I choose to order the Turkish mess. I know you can’t mess up a mess, but they made the mess even more tasty then the original. The Anason Turkish mess incorporates flavours of mastika, rosewater, pomegranate and berries- which makes for an extra tasty mess!


Anason Turkish Mess

Anason Turkish Mess


For the wine drinkers of you out there, Anason has a great selection of wine from both Australia and Turkey. We had a beautiful bottle of dry Rose from Turkey which was the perfect addition on a hot 32 degree day.

Having eaten a good range from their menu, I have to say that I’m impressed overall on how they get so much flavour into their dishes while keeping the food light. I really loved their menu, their wine and their perfect spot along the newly built Barangaroo waterfront.


5/23 Anason Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo Sydney

Phone: 02 9188 1581

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