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This is my second visit to the small village of Kitros, a village with just over 1000 residents (as per last 2011 census records). My husband is part Greek, and his mother’s family live in this small village, so we have made the journey over to spend Easter together. It’s a quiet and cute little village, but there isn’t a heap to do.

On our first day we drove 20 minutes away into the main city of Katerini. We went early to get a frappe and Bougatsa. Bougatsa, is a sweet Greek breakfast pastry that is filled with semolina custard and topped with cinnamon and icing sugar; It’s my favvvvvourite dessert to have in North Greece.

As we walked around the shops, we passed a busy alley with bars, loud music and people enjoying frappes. Could it really only be 12.30pm?? We met up with some locals and before you knew it we were wondering into one of these crazy bars. The locals advised that it’s a little busier for Easter, but this is pretty much the scene on a Saturday and Sunday. So in we went to a new bar called Olivers. Everyone knew everyone, frappes were being served and everyone was having a brilliant time- including me JJ

By around 4pm I was famished and wondering, do the locals eat or just drink frappe all day?? But thankfully, they do, it’s just a little later than I’m used to. We head to a traditional Ouzerie called Τα Μπινελίκια. An Ouzerie is a place that serves small accompaniments with your ouzo, Τα Μπινελίκια served 5 plates for every small 100ml bottle, so with the amount of Ouzo ordered for our table of 10, we had more than enough to eat.

From there we went to one the many bars along Georgaki Olympiou called Boga. It was a mix between Modern Greek music and English music. We then went from bar to bar, all the while meeting new people from the city of Katerini. At 11pm, I made my way back to the small village of Kitros and called it a night. The locals went to church, and continued on well into Easter Sunday morning.

While most people, would never stop in the small village of Kitros, if you’re in the North of Greece I would absolutely recommend seeing Katerini, your guaranteed to make new friends J

Happy Easter.

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