Heaven on Earth

One of the best holiday destinations I have ever been to in my years of travel was the Maldives. With what seemed like endless sunshine, white sand and blue waters you could loss all sense of time and responsibility after only a couple of days.
There are of course many luxury resorts in the Maldives but we choose to stay at the Coco Palms Bodu Hithi a contemporary island paradise in the North Atol. For our honeymoon we chose to stay at the Coco Palms was because there was a great selection of restaurants on the island.

We were staying for 10 nights so we wanted to make sure we had lots to choose from and I’m happy to report it was the best decision- ever!
Aside from every day being a culinary delight there was so much more to enjoy. While everyone thought we would run out of things to do, we found every day just as fun as the next and it was heart breaking to leave.
Diving or snorkelling is a must! I had done my beginners diving course in preparation for the trip and the advanced while I was there. I can’t possibly explain in words how incredible diving was in the Maldives and all the incredible marine life we got to see.
I’ve made it a mission to go back on our 5 year wedding anniversary so counting down the months till we can go again.
It’s really a dream come true.
Eat Well Travel Everywhere xx

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