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It had long been a dream of mine to go and see the pigs at Pig Beach Bahamas. Wellllll…..let me correct that. It had been a dream of mine for at least the past two years. It seems like the past few months, there have been an endless number of travel bloggers blowing up my Insta feed with these cute little piggy pictures. Ever since then, I knew I had to go.

So, when I started planning my vacation over to the Caribbean this year, I knew that I had to make Bahamas a number one priority. On my 3 week Caribbean vacay, I visited Cuba, Bahamas and Puerto Rico which you can read about in my other blogs.


Exuma is around one hour from the main island of Bahamas. There are two ways to get to Exuma- plane or charter boat. We decided to go with the plane option, because we wanted to see Exuma from above and it was well worth it.


We decided to fly as a part of a full day excursion with Exuma Escape, which we organized through the One and Only. After flying into Exuma, we jumped on a small six seater boat which took us out to the islands. The first stop on our tour was what look like a deserted island with nothing around. However, after 5 minutes out came 20 Iguanas, some big and some small. With trepidation, each of the Iguanas came up to us to eat the bread which we had put on our sticks. After filling their bellies, they head straight back into the bushes and we head off to our second stop.

The second stop was a beautiful little sandbank with crystal blue water and white sand. We stopped there to swim for 45 minutes and it was just a delight. I found this one of the main highlights of the day because of how picture perfect the location was.

exuma bahamas

Straight after the sandbank experience we jumped back on the boat again and head out to Pig Beach. I was surprised that they weren’t as many tourists as I expect to see. There were of course tourists, myself included, but there was only around 50 on the island in total.

As the boat pulled closer to the shore the two alpha females of the island swam straight up to greet us, mainly because they wanted to get to the food first.

There were around 15 pigs on the island in total, ranging from the two large alpha females to smaller little black-and-white piglets. All the pigs were super friendly and domesticated and were not shy of a pat or two.

pig beach bahamas

Did you know that pigs outperform 3-year-old humans on cognition tests and are smarter than any domestic animal?? Animal experts consider pigs more trainable that a dog…. Seriously! To prove it, we asked one of the alpha females to sit before being fed, which she obeyed to get her vegetable treat.

pig beach exuma

After an hour on the island we head to our final stop, Staniel Cay. Here we stopped for a lunch break at the local restaurant and bar. After a short break, we built up the courage to swim with the sharks.

The sharks that frequent Staniel Cay are Nurse Sharks which are harmless. In fact, this type of shark is more like a big fish, so the most that it can do is give you a nasty hickey. Although they are harmless, it’s hard to get over their daunting shark features, which for someone like me with an irrational fear of sharks is hard to get past.

staniel cay

After a little bit of coaxing, I finally made it into the water where I squealed like a child at the touch of the shark. While I probably won’t be rushing back to do it again, it was an experience that I would recommend to anyone, even those with a shark phobia 😉

So, after a full day of meeting Iguanas, Pigs, Sharks and swimming in some of the clearest water I’ve seen we flew back to Nassau. The day trip with Exuma Escape was the highlight of my entire trip to the Bahamas and everything I was expecting and more.


There are many nice places to stay in the Bahamas and like many other locations you can find cheap accommodation if you wish. My husband and I were looking for something a little more fancy, so we decided to choose a five star luxury hotel- The One and Only Ocean Club.

The One and Only Ocean Club is nestled in a tranquil location on Paradise Island Bahamas. With 35 acres of beautifully manicured, Versailles inspired gardens and a perfect turquoise sea outlook, it’s the ultimate 5-star luxury hotel.

one and only ocean club

We really loved the location of the One and Only Ocean Club, because it wasn’t in the hustle and bustle of the main town. When I think of the Bahamas, I think of peace, tranquility, blue waters and relaxation and our hotel location offered us just that.

The accommodation at the one and only was incredible. We stayed in the Hartford Wing which had an outlook of the lush tropical garden surroundings. The spacious bedroom featured a king bed with the dreamiest linen and fluffy pillows I had felt. It made it very difficult in the mornings to stop hitting the snooze button!

One and Only Bahamas

The bathroom was also very sizeable and came complete with a double vanity sink, separate shower and bathroom.

Being Expedia members, the One and Only had upgraded our room complimentary which meant we had a lot of extra benefits. Some of these included a free room upgrade, a free bottle of champagne on arrival, a free dinner on the night of our choosing and choc dipped strawberries every night.

Aside from the gorgeous outdoor pool with full drinks and food service, the One and Only Bahamas also had an exclusive beach with deckchairs for guests of the hotel. The nearest hotel from the One and Only is almost 10 minutes away, so the hotel beach was relaxing and private.

The hotel had one major restaurant available for dinner which had a view of the beach below. It also had the perfect outlook to see the sunset every night.







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