Tokyo has everything you could possibly want to find as a shopper: it really is a shoppers paradise in Tokyo Japan!! From quirky Japanese fashion, local souvenirs, gadgets, high-end brands and department stores.

1. Shibuya is a teen girls dream and worth a look even if it’s not really your thing. If you’re over 30 like me you might feel way too old, but it’s still a great way to amuse yourself in the madness.

2. My favourite spot is Ginza district which contains the more affluent stores, boutiques and department stores like Mitsukoshi.

3. Shinjuku can be a little overwhelming with all the lights and noise but worth a stop. The scale and range of goods and services on offer in Shinjuku are breathtaking. Check out a full range of stores:

4. Roppongi which is known for the wild bars and crazy nightlife is also a cool place to shop. Around Roppongi you can find funky dinning spots, art spots, galleries and design stores.

5. Harajuku is known all around the world as the centre of Japanese youth, culture and of course fashion! Omotesando has a number of upscale boutiques & designer brands. Takeshita Dori is a center of youth fashion and jammed with shops and cafes for the teenage crowd.

Thanks for really the Eat Well Travel Everywhere shoppers paradise in Tokyo Japan guide.

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