Thank you for your interest is providing a guest post for the Eat Well Travel Everywhere website. Here is some more information about the Guest Post Program with our website.


Guest writing for other websites helps to improve the number of backlinks to your website which in turn elevates your site reputation- a key component of SEO.

Along with the exposure to our audience you also get 2 links. One must be your bio and the second can be either a social media profile or website.

Finally we will post the guest post to our site, our Facebook page and Instagram (image dependent).


  • The blogger should have an established social media profile and must also promote the article to their own audience to boost the reach.
  • Must be written by the individual submitting the guest post.
  • The post must come with between 5-10 high resolution images. If the images are not your own then the image licensing details needs to be provided. Under no circumstances can other people’s images be used including that of Google.
  • All of the content must be unique, which means that it cannot be found elsewhere in part or in full. This also means that the content cannot be republished again in future.
  • Try to use good headings and separation of content so that the blog is easy to read.
  • All worldwide destinations will be accepted however please check my site to make sure there is no duplication of content.
  • Please use personal tone as helps to show the reader your own personal experience when visiting the destination. We are looking for first hand perspective of things you have done, places you have seen etc.
  • Links to videos are also ok if they are appropriate for use in the blog.
  • No offer or affiliate links will be accepted.
  • Generic articles won’t be accepted. Please try and provide enough detail to the user where they could take the article and use it on their journey.
  • No backpacking stories accepted as it doesn’t fit within my target audience.
  • 800 words minimum.

You may link to reference sites if applicable to provide further information. For example if you were talking about how to get around London then you might link back to the London Tube website.If you would like to submit a guest post please contact me at and include the following:

  • Suggested topic and outline for your guest post
  • 3 samples of your work
  • Link to your Facebook, Instagram and Website
  • If already completed you can include your submission for review in a word document.

We are particular about the type of work we publish to ensure the highest standard of quality and consistency throughout our website. We reserve the right to provide edit suggestions back to the author if the topic is accepted.