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Today, a smartphone has become an essential travel item. It makes traveling a lot easier by saving time on simple things such as finding a hotel, booking a plane ticket, creating an itinerary and even keeping us in touch with the loved ones we leave at home. To make things better, more and more travel apps are coming out in the market to help us make our journey more memorable and stress-free!

In this article, I give you my personal list of free mobile apps that I use on my travel to help save me money. From saving money on your flights and accommodation to saving money on your meals and gas, these apps will surely take budget traveling to the next level.


By filtering flight prices on a real-time basis, this app helps you find the best time to book to get the cheapest rate. Hopper determines when you must book your tickets to get the best deal possible. And with the idea of scrutinizing historical pricing information to predict when fares fluctuate is nothing new. The thing about using this app is that you can save an astounding 40% on your flight. Another feature that I like about Hopper is that you can get notification alerts when a cheap ticket is posted.


You probably have a lot of hotel booking apps on your phone like Booking, Hostelworld, Agoda, and others, but this one is different. Roomer Travel is a marketplace for hotel reservations that are not going to be used by people who originally booked them. So, you will have to book cut-rate rooms from people who are canceling their trip. Roomer also works as a traditional discounted hotel booking app like the ones I mentioned.


This is another great app I want to share with you. Whether you are shopping for food online or in a local store, this app is helpful to help you make sure that you are paying the cheapest price on all items on your shopping list. mySupermarket allows you to make a shopping list and it will tell you the major supermarkets that are selling those items at best deal possible. It also notifies the user about supermarket deals and sales. What amazes me about this app is it has a special feature where you can scan the barcode of a certain item and the app will suggest you if that item is cheaper on another department store.


The GasBuddy app is best for those traveling by their car. It offers a running real-time list of gas prices for most places in the United States. So, how this works? GasBuddy users update the current gas prices in their area through the app or website. You can simply type in the name of your city or zip code to see a complete list of the gas station in your area, which includes stations that offer diesel. You can also generate automatic filters for your searches where you commonly travel in.


Chances are you already have this app on your phone. I just know I had to put it here because not many travelers appreciate the power of Uber to save you a lot of money while traveling.For those who don’t know yet, Uber is basically an app where you can book a taxi to bring you to Point B from point A. it’s just like a normal taxi, except it is safer, in some cases faster, and most of the time, cheaper.This app is especially useful when traveling in another country with your bag. There are taxi drivers who tend to overprice their passenger when they know they are foreigners. With this app, the driver cannot modify the rate and you don’t need to use cash to pay.


This is probably my favorite travel app.While this is not going to save you money, Trabee Pocket works as an up-to-date currency converter. It also is an app that can help you track your expenses during your trip. Basically, it still helps you save because you can be reminded if you are already spending more than you should for the day. You can list down all the things you spent money on according to their categories and you can even add pictures of those items along with a short description. You can use your home currency or the currency of the country you are traveling in for easy tracking.Another feature I love about this app is that you can print out the output into Excel file.
One of the best things about having a smartphone is that it offers apps that make everyday life easier, especially when on the road. With smartphone travel apps, you can keep connected wherever you are and wherever you do.




Hope you enjoyed the Smartphone travel apps guide from our guest blogger Alice @ Alice is a travel blogger, world adventurer, and life lover. Traveling the world at a slow pace to immerse myself in this wonderful world. Join Alice on her daily adventures at her website or on Twitter .

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