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To selfie stick or not to selfie stick, that is the question

I’ve always been a big believer that the selfie stick is an unnecessary contraption, but after my recent holiday I’m in two minds. I noticed a year earlier throughout my travels to Asia, but on my recent trip to Bali I was blown away by the amount of people using them. It’s become the must have item of the year, the Christmas stocking filler, the Insta image pose filling up my feed.

Personally I spent many months amusing myself as I watched people use these sticks. I often thought to myself that people were taking vanity to a whole other level. That was until I watched an entire family of 10 pose for a photo at the beach one sunny day. It’s at that point that I started to wonder- is this vanity or practicality?

Well let’s think about it. Often while travelling you really want to capture that perfect moment but there are a complications. Firstly you have to stop a random stranger and ask for their help to take your photo. Next follows the uncomfortable sequence of events when you check your photo to make sure you’re happy with it. Awkwardly, you then nod to indicate to the person that the picture is acceptable. Once the stranger walks away you then look down, disappointed that this perfect moment has been spoilt by a less than perfect picture. In fact, the picture is terrible!

All of this could have been avoided by carrying around one simple little stick. So while you may not see me carrying around one of these little bad boys just yet, I’m starting to see the practicality of it all.  One little stick, one hassle free holiday pic to add to the collection. Seems pretty simple to me!

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