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When planning your next trip it’s important to have the right level of travel insurance. There many circumstances such as medical emergencies, cancelled flights or missed connections that can leave you out of pocket. To ensure that you are protected, make sure you take up comprehensive travel insurance prior to your travel commencement date.

To demonstrate the importance of travel insurance and emergency travel services, I’ve provided some scenarios of where insurance can help:

  1. Your first visit to a foreign country and your backpack has been stolen from the train leaving you without your things.
  2. You’ve missed your connecting flight to your next destination and as a result you need to rebook another flight and hotel.
  3. Your involved in a serious injury and not only are you hurt and need medical attention but the car you were driving is damaged.
  4. You’ve fallen seriously ill and need to visit the hospital. In most countries this will be a very costly exercise for foreigners.
  5. Your mother becomes seriously ill and you need to cancel your trip leaving you out of pocket with non refundable tickets.
  6. Your bags have gone missing and you have no clothes! You’ll be without them for a while and you need something to wear.
  7. Your at a beachside resort and the hotel needs to be evacuated due to a storm warning and you need to find another hotel out of town.
  8. Your walking down the street and someone snatches your phone and wallet leaving you without cash.
  9. The airline that you have booked with has gone out of business leaving you out of pocket for the ticket you booked with them.
  10. Your flight has been cancelled and you need to find another way home.

To help find the right travel insurance for you, I’ve provided 3 leading travel insurance providers.



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