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There are some things that you must do when you’re LA, and one of them is spending a day at Universal Studios. I’ve been to both Universal Studios and Disneyland and my personal preference is Universal, as I found it more appealing for adults and allowed me to channel the inner child within. While Disneyland was still fun, I think it’s an amusement park best suited to families.

The first time I went to Universal three years ago, we purchased the standard tickets which are $85 USD, which meant you had to wait in line for all the rides. At the time, it was a weekend and it was really busy, so we waited 20 minutes on average per ride. On my recent trip in January 2014, we decided to go the more expensive option, which got you straight to the front of the line for $145 USD. This was a pretty cool idea; except it was a Tuesday in low season so it wasn’t very busy. My recommendation is if you’re going in peak season, on a weekend or during school holidays you should really think about paying the extra. If you’re visiting in low season, then save yourself the extra cash and buy yourself an extra fluffy toy 😉

So onto the important stuff, the rides!

  • By far the best rides are the Simpsons and Transformer 3D ride because it’s the perfect mishmash between the thrill of a roller coaster combined with sensational graphics
  • By far the worst ride is Jurassic Park because it’s very slow and outdated, so I’d save yourself the time and see something else
  • Waterworld was fun and it’s a live show. They have what’s called a wet zone which, as the name indicates, is a space you get wet in. Stay another two rows behind that line, as I think they were being conservative.
  • I’m a huge chicken, and speaking on behalf of some of my friends, so are they! I’ve been to many crappy house of horrors in my times, but this was not one of them. A must see, even for the scaredy cats like me!
  • Ever wondered how they make animals do special tricks in movies? In the animal actors show you’ll see how they’ve trained monkeys, cats, dogs and even birds.

There are obviously a lot of other rides, but these were my notable pics, or ones to avoid.

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    May 24, 2016 at 3:39 am

    […] There are some things that you must do when you’re LA, and one of them is spend a day at Universal Studios. Universal is more appealing to adults whereas we found Disneyland to be better suited to those travelling with Children. See more information about Universal at our blog post! […]

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